“I bring you light.
I bring you light in the form of healing.
I bring you light in the form of love and of awareness.
I facilitate the expansion of your consciousness
and the “waking you up”.

Our planet is ascending to a higher level of consciousness, a higher density of light. Step into this new wave of light with me. Step into a completely new world. A world of magick, love, strength and empowerment.”

~Lisa Marie~

Awaken to your truth

Master your reality

Live a life of love & bliss

Working with Lisa has been transformational. She is brave in her truth and never doubts the perfection of all that is. Lisa gifts me with great clarity in my work to grow into the best version of myself. I am beyond grateful to have her beautiful spirit in my life, to inspire me, to heal me, and to love me. I could not recommend working with Lisa highly enough.


I have used this invaluable service many times. No matter how complicated or in depth my situation, her guidance never fails. Her services are such that it allows you to find the answers within yourself, such a gift. For the most accurate, profound, heartfelt and safe coaching and or energetic work, Shakti Ma is the call to make. She has world class level intuition and psychic capacity.


I have had the privilege of working with Lisa for almost 1 year … at first for my dog and then for myself.  Lisa is pleasant, calm, gentle, positive, encouraging, and open to speak what she senses.  I believe her to have integrity and love.  She helped me clear an ‘energy cord’ which then allowed me to think clearly and be able to plan my future after years of feeling ‘stuck’.  She is a good teacher and I sense that she actually cares about her clients.  Lisa is one of the Top Most Helpful People in my life that have had the most positive impact!  I look forward to having Lisa continue to help me in the future.


Lisa has been working with me doing energy healing, tantric teachings, cleansing and meditation work, as I was very very sick and bogged down with fatigue, to a point could not get out of bed and I reached out to her and she came to my home, cleansed it and literally did hands on energy healing in my bed! She has the ability to receive exactly the right messages to help get me out of bed and be mother to my child. I have learned so much from her and consider her a huge part of my journey getting well. She has a great way of teaching self love and I love her so much. She is incredibly connected and is healing people. I highly recommend reaching out to her about services.


I personally began working with Lisa many months ago.  I continue to stand in awe of her abilities to quickly hone in on areas of my life that need attention so that I may achieve my life’s purpose.  Sometimes, I think she knows me better than I know me!  Each session provides many ah-ha moments and energetic clearings that have had a major impact on me coming home to my true self.  I simply cannot applaud her loudly enough as she is the “real deal.”