Blessing Your Food

There are always a million debates about food within our society. What to eat, what not to eat. It is confusing, frustrating, and irrational. 

In the spiritual community I feel that there is even more criticism, judgment, and ridicule.  

Some people claim that eating anything from animals carries the low vibration of their stress as they were killed.  Others claim that it is the natural balance of Gaia to recycle the energy from one organism to another.

I will say this; as we ascend, our frequency raises and our bodies take on a higher density of light.  This can cause our bodies to become more sensitive to the foods we eat and also to be more affected by foods that carry low vibration.

However, I believe that any food can have a low vibration.  Yes, foods that are more alive (vegetables & fruits) automatically encompass a higher vibratory field.  But if the salad that you eat at a restaurant is made by a chef who is really angry that day, then your salad could carry that vibration.

Also, any foods that are laden with chemicals and pesticides are going to carry a lower vibration.  This could be any food along the spectrum.

So while I eat healthy and try to always listen to what my body wants and needs, I also bless my food.  Blessing your food transmutes low vibratory food into the energy of gratitude and love. 

Gratitude and love is the highest, most dense vibration there is in creation.  By blessing your food, your can increase the vibratory field of your food, thus, feeding your body with good energy.

Now, it doesn’t give you a permission slip to eat whatever you want, but it does offer you the opportunity to change good food into even better food.  It allows you to transmute energy that is out of your control.

So how to do this? 

  • Step One – sit down with your food and come into your body, into your space.  Come into the energy of love & gratitude.
  • Step Two – Connect to Gaia and send her love
  • Step Three – Connect to Father Sky and send him love
  • Step Four – Connect to all of the beings (animals, people, insects) that are responsible for bringing this wonderful food to you.  Send them love
  • Step Five – I like to hold my hands over my plate but you don’t have to.  Send love to the food with the intention that the food is completely transmuted to that frequency.

Yes, anyone can do this.  Intention is what drives energy.  Your intention is enough to make the difference.  It might take practice but even at the beginning you will be affecting your food and your life in a positive manner.  After awhile, you might even begin to feel when the food actually makes the shift.

Happy Eating 🙂


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