Bring Yourself into Alignment

Not Manifestation. Alignment.

Seek Alignment First and Manifestation Will Come.

What is it that you seek in life? What is you want to bring to manifestation? Happiness, freedom, the ability to grow and create easily and effortlessly? Connect to the energy that resides within what you perceive to be the perfect life.  What does it feel like, what does it look like? These are important questions, not because of the answer in words or description, but in the energetic vibration of the exact timeline that you are wishing/hoping to connect with. To become.

Choosing the Version of Yourself That You Want.

Because you see, you already are that version of yourself. You already are every single version of yourself and of everyone else. You are the One Infinite Love. It is only a matter of connecting your consciousness, your awareness, to the timeline that you wish to experience.  

All of the variations of yourself exist right now in this moment, the only moment. The you that you are attempting to achieve is already here. However, if you are not experiencing that version, it is because your consciousness is focused on a you that is of a different vibration than the you that you wish to experience.

Switching Timelines

So how do you switch your consciousness to the you that you wish to experience in manifestation? Firstly, you must connect to the vibration of that timeline. This is where the juice is. This is where all of the information is. The foundation of the entire illusion, that illusion that you desire. It isn’t the illusion itself that you are attempting to connect with, it is the foundation that runs that illusion that you want to connect with.

Each version or timeline of our being is running a specific frequency. A specific vibration (i.e. abundance, happiness, loneliness, unworthiness, etc). Of course the frequency of that version of ourselves is a combination of different vibrations, meaning that the version is not only running the vibration of happiness. It might also be running the vibration of happiness, abundance, community, etc. These combinations of vibrations are what makes the foundation of that particular timeline (life), and what you can bring into manifestation.

There exists a timeline for each and every configuration of vibrations, of possible “yous”. An infinite amount to be exact. It is important you allow this to sink in for just a moment before I continue.  Because you must truly begin to realize that there is a you for everything. That whatever you can imagine, and much more, already exists. You can choose any of these manifestations to bring forward. 

When in alignment, what does your manifestation look like?So you are not creating this you, you are simply shifting your consciousness from this version of you to a different one. This understanding will make it easier for you to jump these timelines, to step into the version of manifestation that you desire.

Frequency and Law of Attraction

So back to the frequency that is the foundation of the said version that you wish to step into. In order to match that frequency and thus step into that timeline, you must understand what that frequency is. Once it is understood and you begin to resonate within that frequency, the Law Of Attraction will magnetize that timeline to you, or you to it.

The Law Of Attraction is literally the way in which like energies attract like energies. This can be seen within the people you attract, the circumstances you attract, or more appropriate for this discussion, the overall life that you attract into manifestation.

Every single moment, the only moment, there is an exact frequency that is being experienced.  This frequency was “created” (but more correctly, aligned with you) because of the frequency that you have been emanating. The frequency that you are emanating now, will align you with the next manifestation, and the next.

So it isn’t about the house, the car, the job, the relationship that you desire. It is about the underlying frequency of that version of you that you wish to align with. Through this understanding, you can align with the desired timeline more quickly and efficiently. Why? Because instead of being fixated (through the mind) on a given object or situation, you become very tuned into the current of energy. 

Avoiding Fixation

Being fixated on anything only limits its potential to actually align with your current reality. Why?  Because when we are fixated, we narrow the mass potential energy down into a limited potential energy. We are insisting that something turn out and be “created” within a very narrow window of our perception.  This doesn’t allow for the magic that is available within the moment. It doesn’t allow the universe to move mountains in order for us to match the energy. It instead insists on a specific outcome or method.

Imagine that you are given the task of getting to the top of a river. The riverMoving against the current does not aid manifestation. is powerful and fast.  Now if you can only move up the river, you will battle the very energy that makes the river so powerful and beautiful. It will take a great deal more energy, time, resources, to move up the river than it would to simply walk beside the river or even fly over it.  

By opening up to all of the potential ways in which something shows up, or even the exact representation of it, you allow the energies to align much faster and easier.

What Do You Want to Feel?

Instead of focusing on the exact house that you desire, or the exact job, or the exact relationship, allow yourself to connect to what those manifestations really bring you. Why do you want the house, the job, the relationship? What is the feeling/vibration that you sense when you connect to having it?

Do they bring you freedom, safety, support, joy, love or abundance? Bring yourself, through meditation and visualization, into the life of having those things. What do you feel/sense/experience?  

This is the key to aligning with what you desire. Connect to the vibrations that exist in that timeline.  Then, begin to experience those vibrations now. Feel them on a regular basis. Be them, regardless of what shows up in your reality. This current reality is based off of your “past” frequency. It is irrelevant. What do you want to experience? Then, experience it now through the vibration of its expression, and it will have no choice but to show up.

Let go of what it is in the physical expression (what it looks like, what it is called, etc.) Let go of how it shows up. Instead, simply connect to the vibration and bring that into this very moment. Bring the feeling/energy/experience of joy, love, abundance into this moment. Feel it over and over.  

Don’t watch the calendar or clock on when this will happen or believing that it hasn’t happened yet.  All this does is delay the energies that currently wish to match with you. If all you do is focus on the vibration, it has no choice but to become your state of being.

Limiting Beliefs

Now, as always, the main thorn in this equation is limiting beliefs.  beliefs that you carry that you cannot achieve/have what you desire. The belief that you already do not have it. I’ve written in depth about this in my previous post. These energies will continue to surface and show themselves as you carry out this task because they are not in alignment with the energy that you are attempting to connect with. If you pay attention, they will show themselves to you and you can choose to transcend them.

You, ultimately, have to believe that you already are what you are attempting to achieve. This belief has to resonate so strongly, so powerfully within your being.  If this is the case, then connecting to the desired vibrations will be easy. They will “hold” so to speak. You will connect to them and they will begin to appear very quickly within your reality.  

Because the you that you desire, already exists.