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Chakra Healing Series – #1 Root Chakra


Transcription from Video:

Hi, I’m Lisa Marie with Shakti Ma. 


And this is number one of a series of chakra healings and meditations. Let’s just get into a comfortable position. Close your eyes and start by taking some nice deep breaths.


Inhaling the light through your crown and heart chakras exhaling and letting go drawing awareness to the energy being created around you within this space. Opening up to this healing light breathing it in, exhaling and letting go.


Bring in the energy of allowance and have permission and draw your awareness to your root chakra located at your parents. The very base of your body. Try to maintain your awareness here throughout the entire meditation.


It wanders, simply bring it back. Imagine the root chakra expanding opening live more energy internet chat. Open receive and breathing and that energy with each inhalation allowing the chakra to expand more. Deep breath.


Allowing this energy and allowing this energy integrate with your root chakra. Notice the difference in your chakra notice a difference in your body. Allow open and receive. When you’re ready, go ahead and open your eyes. Nasty brash become oriented with the room with the space. Thank you.


Lisa Marie

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