Distrust – Divine Transmission #10

Hi, I’m Lisa Marie and welcome to my space Shakti Ma. The session is a divine transmission where I channel words, sound, and energy for a healing and, for me, meditation sessions bring in a very powerful energy. So the first thing to know is that the more that you’re in this space of surrender and allowance, the more that you will receive from this transmission. Sometimes the words and the sounds trigger you, meaning that they make you uncomfortable, whether that’s physical, mental or emotional discomfort. If you feel any kind of discomfort, just try to breathe into that discomfort. Try to relax and expand that energy, essentially that is a block that is wanting to be transformed. So allow it to be transformed. Do your best to breathe into that space and allow. Let’s go ahead and close your eyes and take a really nice deep breath in through the nose out through the mouth. Take a couple more of these with each exhalation, letting go. Bring your awareness to your physical body. Feel your body as you breathe, feel whatever it is that you’re sitting on or lying on. Allow yourself in this very moment to become present. allowing yourself to be grounded by the energy that is coming into your space. Breathe. Relax, let go. Feeling your body become heavier, relaxing your shoulders, relaxing your face and your neck with each exhalation you to come more into that space, ground more, becoming more present surrendering into the divine intelligence into you the innate being that you are, innately love, innately powerful. Deep breath into your belly innately cherished. innately divine innately where they allowing yourself, in this moment, to become aware of any part of you. That doesn’t believe those words. It doesn’t believe that you are worthy. That you I love that you are cherished. Deep breath. Breathe; allow this energy to begin to trigger you as you begin to see where you this, believe in who you are. Deep breath down into your belly, pushing out your belly as you inhale. Where do you not believe in who you are? Where do you not trust? Your innate, be your true self, deep breath. Drying awareness to this distrust, distrust, or self distrust, of all the power that you hold, distrust of your ability to create exactly what you desire. Trust in your love. Just trust in receiving and opening to the love that you are. Deep breath; repeat after me out loud say these words. I just trust me. Deep breath: I do trust me. Breathing through any discomfort, allowing surrendering as the energy of distrust begins to be lit up in your being. Just trust me. Say it out loud; hear your words. Breath: I want you to feel these words as you say them. Feel where it triggers; you feel where you believe them. I just trust me. Just trust me. Keep saying it until it begins to vibrate in your being. You begin to feel where you just trust your innate love. You distrust your innate being; you Just trust all that you truly are; very free hearing the sounds, bringing the sound to the discomfort; breathing into your diaphragm; making space in your solar plexus; I just trust me. Deep breath, allow any discomfort. Seeing this is transformation seeing this allowing this energy to move. Breathe into your diaphragm. Say it again. I just trust me taking this a little bit further, bringing your awareness, down to your sacral about two inches; below your belly button. Nice, deep breath there. Relax. Allow, As you start to become triggered there. Repeat after me: I just trust my intuition. Deep breath. Again, I distressed my intuition. Try to breathe; allow create, space, deep breath into those areas of discomfort. Breathe as a sounding and to come in deep breath, opening deeper layers; and this belief; once again, saying ‘I just trust my intuition,’ relax, surrender. Allowing surrendering as energy moves shifts, allowing For an expansion brief, deep breath and then exhale down into your being again and heading to the nose. Exhale down to being one more time. Feeling: allowing any vulnerability, any fear allowing that energy to be present, as you open, as you let go of this trust, fear and vulnerability. Breath, be present; allowing breathe; We approve this fear; the fear of being vulnerable. Deep breath, surrendering, deeper layers of this space repeating again, I just trust my intuition; allowing for those deeper triggers, Deep allow; try to allow relax surrender. Feelings are coming more into your body to honor that allow that be present with this energy, means to move you begin to line naturally. Aligning with the product too; that goes through the middle of your body and beyond. Just breathe and allow as you naturally align. Deep breath into your heart space allowing the alignment; allowing a frequency to rise; Allowing that alignment beyond the body; allowing your energetic bodies to align with that product; go beyond the physical body. Deep breath; one more nice, deep breath; feeling your heart space; Being aware of your frequency now; being aware of your space, even if you’re still triggered, feeling other trigger may exist still or not, and how the other frequencies, also exist. The heightened vibration of your truth, of who you are, allowing them to hold space for any leftover trigger, any remaining blocks, just allow through your intention. You are worthy, you are love. You are powerful innately. Always. Thank you so much for being here with me.