Divine Transmission #11 - Ego Alignment

Divine Transmission #11 – Ego Alignment


Hi, I’m Lisa Marie and welcome to my space Shakti my this session is a divine transmission. This is where I channel sounds, words and energy for a meditation and a healing. So it’s just really important to understand that the sounds and the words and the energy that I channel is going into your shadow aspects going into blocks going into areas of your being that are asking to be healed. So through this work, there can be some discomfort. Sometimes the words of the sounds can feel uncomfortable or even seem annoying, or really trigger you. So the trick is to really relax, surrender and breathe through it allow the energy to do its work. It is when we are in our discomfort that we reach our healing; it is through our discomfort that we reach our healing. So, relax, breathe straight present with yourself and allow; just allow the energy and the magic to do its work. So go ahead and close your eyes and take a nice deep breath into the nose out through the mouth. really bringing awareness to your physical body. Continue a few more breaths, like that, really relaxing and letting go; Bring your awareness to your root chakra, located at your perineum; and take a couple of the same kinds of breaths. They’re just being at your root chakra, being in your pelvis, relaxing, dropping yourself down into your body down into your being. Bring your awareness to your feet and the chakras at the bottom of your feet. Same thing, take a couple of nice deep breaths there; as you ground into your body; Beautiful. Notice the difference in your space. Notice how you are present in your body. If you’re feeling any discomfort, just allow it to be here. Continue to breathe, but stay in this space; stay present with yourself. Now bring your awareness to your solar plexus, to your identity. At this point in time, go ahead and say your name out loud to yourself. Deep breath; Allow yourself to be triggered within your name. Allow yourself in this very moment to be triggered within your identity with who you think that you are, with who you perceive yourself to be with how you believe others, see you. Deep breath into your diaphragm into your belly. One more time, saying your name out loud to yourself. Beautiful. Breathe, allow this moment. Energy begins to move. Who are you? Who are you? Who are you? Deep breath into solar plexus. Stay with yourself. Stay with your identity. Stay with your ego. Stay with your mind. Who are you? You in this very moment all the perceptions you have of yourself, to be a parent, to be present here. How do you perceive you?  breath, relax. Surrender to this moment, Allow this energy, however, you get this information; whether it’s images, feelings, knowings, or messages allow, how do you perceive yourself? Deep breath; into your solar plexus, as the energy begins to unravel. It may feel uncomfortable; breathe and relax. The energy is unraveling. Drying awareness to these perceptions of yourself and all of the ways in which you do not accept yourself. Not going into the story, not going into that, because is simply all of the ways in which you do not accept yourself. Breathe, Breathe into the solar plexus, into the kidneys, allowing the guilt and the shame. To be cleansed, to be revealed, to be purified, allowing your kidneys to be purified, your solar plexus, your identity, your ego, to be purified, deep breath into the solar plexus, breathe open. Allow, Opening, deeper layers of the identity, deeper layers of the ego, holding tight to your ego. Don’t let the ego go. This is not a death of your ego. This is an entrainment; an understanding and accepting a loving of your ego. Grab a hold of your ego and dive into it. Where does it not accept itself? Where does it not appreciate itself? The breath once again, saying your name out loud to yourself. Where do you not appreciate yourself? Where do you not accept yourself? Deep Allowing allowing your kidneys, allowing all of that space; your stomach, three massaged by these sounds massage; Deep breath and release, allow, let go, cleanse, purified Deep breath this new energy comes in. Breathe it into your solar plexus. Breathe in appreciation of the self. Breathe and acceptance into your ego. acceptance into your gut, into your identity. Say your name out loud yourself again. Now breathe in more excited. More appreciation. Say your name again; more bold or more with strength and confidence of who you are. Surrender in this space relax, breathe. As energy is brought into your solar plexus an activation of the solar plexus; Next, breath into Solar Plexus,, into your kidneys, allowing from this moment forward, this appreciation and acceptance and to your identity The appreciation for who you are, appreciation for your mistakes, from our appreciation, for your wins. appreciation for the things that you do really well. appreciation for things that you don’t do. The breath and the solar plexus appreciation for you. Appreciation for your ego. The breath is the ego is invited in. Invited to ally To your truth. It’s not about killing the ego. It’s not about pushing it away or denying it. It’s about aligning it to your sovereign being. It’s about allowing your ego to realize that it serves you. You are divine truth. You are a divine being. The ego is not separate. Breathe into the solar plexus. The ego is not separate. Breathe, allow. Allow your ego to unite with your sovereign being. Allow it to work in conjunction with your heart. With your intuition, with your purpose, with your mission share, share, share breathe and relax this alignment takes place. You may feel an intense feeling in your solar plexus. Just breathe and relax that space. You may feel an intense feeling in your heart. breathe and relax that space and allow yourself to align ego; sovereign being, body mind spirit. alive. Ego sovereign being, body, mind, spirit, ally Deep breath. Notice the calmness, the peacefulness, perhaps even the joy that you’re currently feeling. If you’re not feeling these emotions, that’s okay. appreciate what you are feeling. You may need to process more. Just allow surrender. Keep setting the intention to align the ego with the sovereign being, whatever you’re feeling is perfect. Your expression is perfect. You are perfect in your identity perfect in your expression of the one infinite love. One last deep breath acknowledge you. Thank you so much for being here. I have an alignment and empowerment program. That is a monthly basis you pay month to month. And it’s really about three core things. The first thing being vibration. I’m calling Reading a container and with weekly zoom calls, weekly video calls, really raising everybody’s frequency, raising the vibration, so that in your day to day life as you meet your challenges as you meet your lessons, you have a higher vibration. And that will allow you to stay more in alignment. That will allow you to move through your life more fluidly, more easily more grounded and more secure. The second thing is tools. The program provides a plethora of tools right at the entry level. And these tools give you tools for your day to day life. How do you navigate challenges? How do you navigate triggers? How do you work through relationships and other parts of your life? How do you meditate? How do you find your alignment on your own? How do you raise your frequency on your own; all of these tools are given to your at your disposal. And the third thing: community or group energy. It is very powerful; the transmissions and the healings that happened in group settings, because there’s a lot of dynamics going on. A lot of matching energies and triggering and all this beautiful representation of ourselves and coming together as a group, as well as a really powerful support system here for each other, being able to be with like-minded individuals on a weekly basis, where you feel seen and supported and heard. So please go to my website, wwww.shaktima.net. You can also email me at info@shaktima.net. There are three tiers to the programs; there are different prices: super, super affordable. And there’s a lot of just really great perks and beautiful, beautiful stuff. So I really hope you will join me on this journey. Thank you so much.