Divine Transmission #12 - Clarity

Divine Transmission #12 – Clarity



Hi, I’m Lisa Marie and welcome to my space Shakti Ma. This session is a divine transmission where I channel sound words and energy. For a direct healing of your multi dimensional being. Just know that sometimes the words the sound and the energy can trigger blocks within you can trigger limiting beliefs within you. So, if you feel any discomfort whatsoever, whether it be physical, mental or emotional, do your best to take a deep breath, relax and breathe into through the discomfort. The more that you relax and allow the quicker The energy, the sounds and the words can help you to transform that energy. So go ahead and close your eyes. And start by taking a few nice deep breaths in through the nose, out through the mouth. Bring your awareness to your physical body. Inhaling again. Exhaling, relaxing your body, relaxing your shoulders. Your neck, relaxing your face. relaxing your arms, your stomach sinking into your pelvis if you’re lying down and sinking into your entire backside, sync with each exhalation, allowing yourself to be fully present in your body. taking a moment to draw awareness to your legs, your knees, your ankles and your feet. One deep breath there. Allowing your awareness to come into your root chakra. At your parents at the base of your body. The chakra points down allowing in this space. The energy of clarity. Deep breath into that chakra clearing clarity of everything that chakra represents clarity of the physical world. clarity of your physical body. Body. bring in the clarity of your safety; clarity of your abundance; deep breath, clarity of your abundance, allowing yourself to be clear within the abundance that naturally exists within you. Deep, driving awareness to your Sacral Chakra, about two inches below your belly button. As you inhale; exhale, begin to bring in the energy, allow the energy of clarity into this space. Breathe allow clarity, clarity, clarity, clarity of everything that that chakra represents. Breathe. clarity of connection, clarity of connection, clarity of trust, of breath, deep breath, into the space…. Opening to clarity bringing your awareness up to your solar plexus breathe deeply into your diaphragm. Allowing for the energy of clarity into this space. clarity of what this shock represents, clarity of your identity. Identity, identity, clarity of your identity. identity. Clarity of your identity, opening to clarity, opening to clarity, Driving awareness to your heart chakra. Deep breath, bringing in opening to clarity, for all that the heart chakra represents. Deep breath, clarity clarity, deep into the mouth, taking a moment in this space to draw awareness, briefly to your product to the runs through the center of your being and beyond. Allowing the lower portion to naturally align. Breathe align, breathe, align. Breathe a lie deep breath and new chest. Allow breathing Relax. Allow breathe, relax energy of clarity is wrapping around the lower half of your being. Just breathe and relax. Allow clarity. clarity, clarity. One more deep breath, into the nose out through the mouth. Driving awareness to Throat Chakra, allowing for the energy of clarity to come into this space. Clarity of expression, verbal expression, and expression of self and all forms. Hey Breath, Om… Om… go to clarity, clarity the self. Take your awareness to your third eye. Allowing for the energy of clarity to come into this space. clarity of this chakra, clarity of your inner vision. clarity of light, light, light, light. Deep breath clarity of light, light, light, light. The breath clarity of light, light, light light Light deep breath, opening allowing in the head, if you’re feeling any discomfort, just try to relax and breathe. Driving awareness to your crown chakra drawing in clarity, clarity to connection of your higher self, Hello deep breath. To alot of allowance right now. Once again, driving awareness to that prana in the tube, and now aligning your entire body with this to aligning, aligning, aligning aligning align. Breathe, allowing The natural alignment, the natural alignment. couple of nice deep breaths here. drying and that energy through both ends of the tube. Allowing for the natural flow through your body and beyond. And taking your awareness out of your body to your auric field to your energetic field around you and allow you in this space, clarity This is a very subtle energy. Breathe and allow. Breathe if you’re feeling any discomfort. Once again, allowing, just breathing knowing as the clarity is spiraling up and around you, through and around you, your body and your entire field. Deep breathe, clarity of your life, clarity of your mind, clarity of your heart, clarity of your being, from your being. To your being, clarity, self clarity. So, one more nice deep breath into the nose out through the mouth. Take a moment to draw awareness back to your body, to your pelvis if you’re sitting to your entire backside if you’re lying feeling the clarity in your space being present Right now, with this clarity for clarity is only as effective as you experience it. Clarity can only offer you the clarity that you choose to perceive. So right now perceive it, fully experience this clarity. And I invite you to take a moment right now to ask yourself if there’s anything through this clarity that you need to know or to understand. Drop the mind. Ask the question from the space of the heart with intention. And then in this very moment, simply allow the information to come through vision, through message through knowing through feeling. However it wishes to arise if it does not arise, Now in this moment. let it go and allow it to show up later, however it deems necessary. I’ll leave you to your question. Thank you so much for joining me.