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Shakti Ma > Dissolving Fears & Limiting Beliefs

Dissolving Fears & Limiting Beliefs



We are born open and free.  Through society, parents, school, and experiences we begin to create fear and limiting beliefs.  These structures restrict our ability to manifest our reality and to live free within our experience.  By dissolving these structures, you can fully create anything you desire and put an end to repeating patterns and pain. 10 Modules

Unit 1 – Intro

Unit 2 – Realm of Infinite Possibilites

Unit 3 – Limiting Beliefs & Fears

Unit 4 – Highest Potential

Unit 5 – Where/How Limiting Beliefs are Created

Unit 6 – Observer/Witness Mode

Unit 7 – Triggers and Shadows

Unit 8 – Acceptance

Unit 9 – Healing of Limiting Belief?Fear

Unit 10 – Action & Choice


Dissolving Fears & Limiting Beliefs