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Deep Connection and Healing Session

Deep Connection & Healing Session

After connecting to your higher self, we will explore areas of difficulty within your life.  We worth with guidance to remove blocks, limiting beliefs, patterns, contracts, etc.  in all of your fields. These sessions work on a very deep level and can create significant change within your life.  We will bring in more of your truth, empowering you, freeing you & helping you on your journey. Session is 90 minutes.

Lower 3 Shakras Healing Pakcage

Lower 3 Chakras Healing Package

The lower 3 chakras are the foundation to this incarnation.  They are the filters in which all of our experiences are seen through.  It is very important, on any path, to clear these chakras first and foremost as well as thouroughly so that you can begin to move energy to the higher chakras.  By clearing these chakras you can eliminate a lot of the fear, programming, and patterns that hold you back from reaching a higher level of awareness. Package includes 3 – 90 minute sessions.

Upper 4 Shakras Healing Package

Upper 4 Chakras Healing Package

This package can be purchased either after the Lower 3 Chakra Healing Package or if I can see that you have done significant work within those areas to then move upward effectively.  In this package we begin to open you to your upper levels of your being within this incarnation.  As you clear these areas and begin to bring more energy to them, you begin to experience a clearer version of your truth.  You begin to see the world from a space of love, acceptance, wisdom and self expression. Package includes 4 – 90 minute sessions.

Transformation Package

Transformation Package

This package is for those who are ready to make a big change to their life and their self.  For those who wish live their life with purpose, connection, and empowerment.  We will spend 3 months diving into all the quantum levels of your being.  There are no limits within this work and everything is brought to the table.  We will continuously transform and transmute your energy to be able to embody more and more of your truth, your higher self.  Awaken to your Divine Self.  Package includes 12 – 90 minute sessions over 3 months (however, sessions may be more spread out if needed), continuous support via text & email, and regular energy clearings as needed.

Custom Mala and Mantra Package

Custom Mala & Mantra Package

I will create one custom mala made from crystals & stones of high quality to match your energy and through connection to your higher self.  A mala is a 108 bead tool used for meditation.  This is a very powerful tool when custom made specifically for you.  I will also include a mantra or two to fit your current state and depending upon the guidance from you higher self.  Upgrade your meditations!  Cost will vary depending on the crystals and stones used.  I mostly charge for the material & not for my time as these tools are usually for my current clients.

Please contact for a consultation & price lisa@shaktima.net