Divine Transmissions #9

The Currency of Money – Divine Transmission #9

Hi, I’m Lisa Marie, welcome to my space Shakti Ma. This video is a divine transmission where I channel sound words and energy and just know that sometimes the words the sound or the energy can really bring light to your shadow. And that can cause discomfort or a trigger basically something that doesn’t feel good whether that’s physical, emotional or mental. And just allow and these spaces try to breathe into the discomfort try to expand or lean into it, so that the unraveling and then the expansion can occur. Go ahead and take a nice deep breath and close your eyes. Draw awareness to you to your physical body to your body. Presence. Take another nice deep breath. Again, being aware of your presence. How present Are you in this moment? Are you fully in your body? Are you fully present within a moment? Or are you caught up in the future or lost in the past? so deep breath bringing yourself more into the present moment. call yourself into this moment. Insist right now that you are here. Another deep inhalation and on the exhalation, let go of anything other than this moment. Become aware now that you are present of your personal frequency not judging, not even trying to understand what it means just simply drawing awareness, the frequency of your being right now. What does it feel like? What are you vibrating at? Deep breath draw in the Energy with your intention of money into your space and become aware once again of your frequency. How did it change the energy of money? did your frequency go down or up? Did it agitate it? Or did it calm it? does it create confusion or did it create direction. Breathe and be aware of what is present within your being when the energy of money is with you. Where do you perceive that you are restricted within this energy that this energy restricts you breathe? Where do you perceive there to not be enough of this energy?  Try to breath, surrender into that space. Open up that energy, allow it to be seen, allow it to be present. Where do you perceive there to be not enough within your space within your life within You’re being brief. Where does money make you feel that you are not enough. Allowing that trigger right there to be present and breathe with it breathe into it. Where Money makes you feel that you are not enough that you personally you and your expression, you and your individuated personality, you and who you are in your life, in your job in your family; Where you find not enough free allowance of energy to open to be seen to be felt. Not enough financially, not enough stability. Not enough adventure and fun. Not enough providing not enough enjoyment. Not enough space, not enough room. Nine of cushion. Not enough cushion. Not enough present. Deep breath. Breathe, subtle expansion occurs. Hello. Again, deeper bringing in the energy of money. How does that feel? Like not enough? Not enough in your partnerships Your marriage and your relationships and your family. not equal, not fair. Breathe deep breath down into the pit of your belly. Allow the energy to start moving. noticing the contraction in that not enough belief, the narrowing block the resistance, three, then allow the energy to start moving through it in it. Flow current currency flow, flow flow. Deep breath. Breathe; allow imagine the energy of money in front of you right now, the full length of your body in front of you the energy of money. Deep breath here and allow it to flow through your body as if you are completely porous, allowing the energy through your body breathing. Opening any spaces that are not allowance of this current all the way through your body to the back. breathing through any discomfort, any knots, any blocks. open them up, open, open open. Now allowing it back from the behind you back through your body again all the way to the front. Deep breath now, completely in front of you. Deep breath, again creating space, your body, raising your vibration right now in this very moment to allow, to allow the current Deep breath. This time setting the intention, the energy of money is going to move back and forth through you fluidly, consistently, constantly in and out, in and out in and how deep breath is you begin to allow this to start to occur. noticing any blocks any restrictions, any discomfort and breathing into them, opening up those spaces allowing the energy to move in and out through every single cell of your body new, new, new, new, new, Deep breath, exhaling, continue to breathe and breathe, open deep, breath new, new, realizing how here in this vibration, of flow of fluidity of currency, connecting to that vibration of allowing, in and out the free flow, the movement of the currency of the current of the energy, connect to that vibration right now in your space, allowing the mind to call upon all of its beliefs that you don’t want to allow money to flow, you want to hold on to it, you want to restrict it, you want to keep it, you want to maintain it. Just allow all of those thoughts, all of those beliefs to be present. Nothing more, nothing less. And continue your connection to the vibration of fluidity of flow of currency. Keep breathing, keep lighting that space up. bringing awareness bringing focus to that vibration. What does it feel like when you allow the fluidity through you? Openness, boundless, porousness things move in and out easily fluidly and balanced in a harmonious way. harmoniously, moving in and out. fluid, Grace, currency, allowing all of those thoughts to be present with you, seeing how you wish to restrict the flow of money, seeing how you actually restrict both the outward and inward flow, how you tighten and contract down and restrict the natural flow that wishes to occur. With gentle love and compassion and acceptance, bringing awareness to all of the ways which those beliefs show up for you. Not allowing anything but in just connecting yourself, just being aware of the self, of your self; of how you think the patterns the beliefs that you are running within, allow them to be present within this vibration of flow, fluidity and currency and draw awareness to the feeling of the flow, the fluidity, the currency, how good it feels, how open it feels graceful and easy movement and then taking your awareness to those beliefs that you have to restrict and hold on. And feel what they feel like. Allow yourself to see right now in this very moment, the difference between these two vibrations. Which one do you want to choose to be in which one feels more aligned to you? Which one feels better to you connect your awareness to this in this moment and take a nice deep breath. You get to choose your vibration. You get to choose how you interact with the frequency of money. Your choice: One more nice deep breath, bring your awareness back to your body back to this space. Just spend a moment congratulating yourself validating yourself for this work is highly recommended that you do this again and again and again. And you continuously connect to the natural current that money resides on that wishes to flow in and out of you connected to that vibration lighting it up. And also connecting to any inferior vibrations, any limiting beliefs that restrict you from being in that flow. Thank you so much for joining me